• Image of RUINS AND RUST, hard cover.

Ruins and Rust: Illuminating the Hidden Bahamas has 100 full color pagers, art matte semi-gloss paper, 13" x 11" and comes as hard cover. This georgeous bound book is an adventure, full of high quality images stories and sites of the hidden Bahamas.

Available here: http://www.blurb.com/b/6290687-ruins-rust

Bahamas culture is smart, strong and solid. Jims stories of these ruins show one thing clearly: the people who built them had faith and strength.

Jim's visions of abandoned lighthouses, churches and homes also add to our knowledge of the past. His images of the Hidden Bahamas shows the lasting, rich relationships between people and their land.

He writes: "Photographing these remote island ruins, I was often surprised by the unexpected. Fixing a point in time was less important than spontaneity and surprise. Finally, each adventure into these ruins enlarged my consciousness and gave me hope for the future of the Bahamas."